About “Fuzzy Wuzzy” Angora


PATONS “Fuzzy Wuzzy” Angora, hand knitting yarn, was very popular in the 1950’s and many vintage patterns are still in circulation.

It was 55% angora / 45% wool and had a good yardage of 305 yards/280 metres /50g ball.

The recommended tension was 30 sts over 4″ (=7½ sts / 1″)

We can’t supply ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ Angora but the yardage comes in between our 4-ply/fingering thickness yarns and our DK yarn range.  However the tension puts it clearly in the 4-ply bracket for our yarns.

We suggest that you consider our Elsness 80% 4-ply, the Incredible 100% 4-ply and/or our Aurora 70% angora 4-ply yarns as substitutes for the “Fuzzy Wuzzy”.

You will need to knit a tension square and adjust needles appropriately before starting a pattern.