Properties of Angora Wool


Light & Airy

Angora wool is the lightest natural fibre known. The hollow structure of some of its fibres makes it ideal for thermal clothing. ANGORA fibre can only be produced by angora rabbits. (Angora goats produce mohair.) The angora wool fibres measure 10-13 microns whilst the highest quality lambswool is 18 micron – very fine and an excellent fibre to blend with the angora.

Soft & Cosy

It is comfortable to wear next to the skin, allows the skin to breathe but absorbs moisture and helps to maintain a steady temperature at the skin surface, in other words it keeps you WARM & COMFORTABLE.

Warming & Therapeutic Effect

Angora wool improves blood circulation,giving natural benefit to the wearer. Research in Germany has demonstrated that angora wool is up to 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool. This warmth-giving therapeutic effect is particularly beneficial for people with cold painful joints, sciatica, arthritis, muscle tension, kidney ailments, rheumatics, chilblains, circulatory disorders etc.

Made in Orkney

Living in Orkney since 1982, we know the meaning of perishing cold winds. All our clothing has been tried and tested in Orkney. We kept a lot of rabbits for almost 20 years. Nowadays we don’t keep the rabbits but focus all our attention on the dyeing and knitting of angora. We design the yarns and our spinners manufacture them to our exacting specifications. They then come to Sanday to be dyed, knitted and hand finished to the highest specifications by ourselves and outworkers.

Caring for your ORKNEY ANGORA thermals

All items marked as “Hand Wash” should be hand washed only in warm water using pure soap suds or equivalent. Rinse thoroughly, spin dry and lay out to dry away from direct heat and sunshine. Do NOT tumble dry, press or iron.
Items marked as “Machine Wash” can be washed in a machine with a ‘wool wash cycle’ at 30degC.

Let’s face it, warmth is luxury and feeling warm is feeling good!