Angora Thermal Low Back/Kidney Warmer



Lower back pain?
Tired and aching back muscles?
Stiffness in the back joints?  Arthritic joints?

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You should be wearing our exclusive Angora Thermal Low Back/Kidney Warmer, now one of our best selling items.
Soothingly soft and cosy, muscle and joint warmer, utilising the unique thermal properties of angora (angora has been shown to be up to 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool).

Simple stretchy-knitted rib tube for a good fit with no fastenings.

Equally popular with both men and women, it can be worn next to the skin or over a thin under-garment.

Fibre content: 46% angora/37% lambswool/9% polyamide/8% elastan

Machine wash. Wool wash cycle recommended. Short spin, gently ease back into shape whilst drying. Allow to dry naturally.

COLOURS: Natural white

Approx 11 ” long. Measure waist then select size.

Small: 28″-33″; Medium: 34″-41″; Large: 42-50″: XXL: 51″-56″

PRICE: £23.95 each.

Ordering Information

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