Angora Thermal Vests/Undershirts – Long Sleeves & Sleeveless


1100Angora Thermal Vests/Undershirts1700
Unisex garments (models are wearing the same item), beautifully cut to give a comfy fit and so soft and warm.

Made from a beautifully soft, woven fabric with a gentle loft and with a generous angora content.

You’ll never want to take them off.

40% angora / 60% cotton.

Machine wash: wash symbols copy



Available as long sleeved.

Colours: Natural White

Chest/Bust sizes: Small: 26/30; Medium: 32/40; Large: 42/52

PRICE: £30.95 each 

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Angora Thermal Tank Top/Sleeveless Vests/Undershirts1500

All details as above for the long sleeved version above.

PRICE: £23.95 each

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