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Our hand dyed yarns are unbrushed and perfect for knitting and crochet. With knitting and wear they demonstrates a luxuriously soft and fluffy haze – the characteristic ‘angora look’. The yarn is exceptionally comfortable to wear next to the skin not being at all itchy or scratchy. The yarn is usually suitable even for those with the most delicate skin. One of our yarns has been named after one of Orkney’s most outstanding buildings – the St Magnus cathedral in Kirkwall.

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100% Pure Angora (£13.95/50g ball)

“Incredible” 100% Angora
100% Angora 4-Ply
100% Angora Double Knit

“Skara Brae” 100% De-Haired Angora 4-ply on hank (£13.95/50g hank)

4-Ply Patterns

“Elsness” 80% angora/20% lambswool – DK & 4 ply (£13.95/50g ball)


70% Angora / 30% Lambswool (£13.95/50g ball)

“Aurora” 70% Angora / 30% Lambswool 4-Ply (£13.95 / 50g ball)
4-Ply Patterns

70% Lambswool / 30% Cashmere  (£13.95 / 50g ball)

“Langamay” 70% lambswool / 30% Cashmere

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50% Angora / 50% Lambswool (£10.95/50g ball)

“St Magnus” 50/50 Double Knit & 4-Ply


Sheep’s Wool Yarns

Superwash Pure Wool DK

New Lanark Pure Wool DK & Aran

Pure Orkney Wool Yarn (Sheep’s wool)

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BE INSPIRED by the work of other knitters and crocheters – see examples of their work on Ravelry:

Using our St Magnus 50/50

Using our Incredible 100% angora DK

Using our Incredible 100% angora 4 ply

Using our Aurora 70% angora


All our yarns are hand dyed in small dye batches (max approx 1.5kg). Small scale hand dyeing techniques aren’t able to guarantee 100% even dyeing, especially on natural fibres, which themselves will contain variations and inconsistencies.

We find that some colours are more prone to variations than other. There can also be batch to batch variations, with some batches more even than others. 99% of customers accept this and in fact enjoy the unusual effects.

We can supply a real wool shade card, Knitting Information and yarn samples for £4.00 incl. postage. Please see our Shade Chart

If you don’t see the colour you want, please ask us as we have many colours not shown on the shade card yet.  If you wanted a number of balls in a new colour we ‘may’ be able to do it for you – no promises.

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Rainbow/Varigated/Multicoloured Angora Yarn

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