100% Angora Double Knit


“Incredible” 100% Angora DK 

Kate Middleton Royal Angora Wedding Shrug/Bolero – pattern will suit 4-ply or DK yarns.  The photographs don’t show the garments knitted from Orkney Angora.

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Double Knit : Woollen spun, 4/16′s NM, unbrushed. Recommended tension: Approx 20 sts over 10cm (4″) on No7 (4½mm) needles. Length: Approx 200 metres/50grams.

Ravelry Rating: 5*. Look at over 20 projects knitted from this yarn and featured on Ravelry

Suitable for both hand and machine knitting.

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Our spinner can’t produce this yarn for us anymore so stocks are limited now.

Natural white: Only approx. 400g left – when its gone its gone.

£13.95 per 50 gram ball
£7.50 per 25 gram ball

Also available in our Rainbow / Variegated / Multi-coloured Angora Knitting Yarns range

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